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Tiling is the process of attaching ceramic tiles to floors or walls. Tiling has to be carried out with the utmost accuracy: this brings its own rewards in terms of both visual and functional results.

A successful floor depends not just on the quality of the tiles, but on a whole set of factors (substrate, binding layer, expansion joints, tiles, etc.) that combine to create what is essentially a system. This is why the job of tiling is just as important as choosing the right tiles. This stage requires expertise in combining aesthetics and technique, design and implementation, requests and results.

and commercial flooring
industrial flooring
Design is a preliminary stage that is essential if the surface is to be clad properly. In order to develop a good design, we first need to analyse the characteristics of the surface to be tiled:

- the surfaces' state of repair;
- expansion behaviour;
- modulus of elasticity and sizing;
- composition and structural arrangement;
- geometry of the surface to be clad.

This initial assessment stage is followed by a cross-examination of the properties of the tiles, the planned installation site and the characteristics of the substrate to be tiled.

Lastly, the durability of the resulting tiled floor or wall also depends on the care and attention they subsequently receive: provided that surfaces are used appropriately and maintained and cleaned properly, the tiling will offer lasting quality and stay looking beautiful for years to come.